Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I should blog about a wonderful trip to Glasgow. Much Mackintosh (see one of thousands of wonderful details above) and seriously considering Glasgow as an alternative to place my home in. Some very good people live in Glasgow and some very cool things to do and see are there too. I should blog about a new lesson I'm doing with kids in the city (How many countries can you find right here in Gothenburg). I should blog about knitting being boring sometimes (3+1 rib forever, please! I am not amused. Need to cast on side project. Soon.) I should blog.
But I knit 3+1 ribbing on my tubey and an i-cord for my boogabag when I'm not working or worrying about work. These weeks are not showing the world the best of me. And I want to go back to Glasgow.
Oh, and the world's best Jch turned another twenty-something last week and had the best party Sunday. I came home at half past six in the morning. We were still dancing at four thirty.
Yes, I'm alive and much is good. I just haven't felt like blogging. Yet.
I will be back soon and then I'll blog A LOT. Damnit.

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