Friday, May 12, 2006


Soon is now:

So, now I have a cute bag. Then what? (I'm blogging as an excuse for not working at 11.30 pm. Does it actually count and is it really a smart thing to do?) I could just go to bed, but sleep? Who came up with the idea that I'd even be able to? Many curse words later I find myself actually dragging my tired self to the bathroom for some grooming exercises before bedtime.
Oh, or maybe I should refurbish the whole place first? Or solve world hunger? Or save someones life? Or just surf the net for another sleepless hour?
People! Stop me! Tell me to get some sleep! And while you're at it feel free to remind me of the many benefits of eating breakfast...


david coppafeel said...

Get some sleep!
Eat breakfast! You what they say, "Breakfast is the first meal of the day" or something.

Zee said...

Breakfast... most important meal of the day -helps you concentrate better while knitting! :)

Love the bag!