Wednesday, May 24, 2006

dark waters

If you haven't tried taking a shower in complete darkness I suggest you do.

A soothing experience for my still very swollen eye, and a peculiar experience for me. It's amazing how well I've worked in my grooming routines. My hands recognize every bottle, every tile and the taps in my shower. My body seems to know the distances perfectly. I put my foot on the stool I keep in my shower to soap my leg and it didn't occur to me until afterwards that I might just as well have kicked the wall... Except I couldn't because I knew exactly where the stool was. As well as where the walls were.

An eye infection can sometimes give you unexpected lessons about yourself and about your senses. I am so dependant on my eyesight in many other areas, but with just some routine, I can actually make do without it. I'll remember that.

I should probably mention I have an unusually large shower cabin, and that turning the lights on was like stabbing myself in the eye, so I didn't do this as an experiment. It was out of necessity. Even a sick girl needs to keep clean right?

Now I have to take a break from the computer again. Even with patch my eye starts running after looking at the screen for about 10 minutes.


Leigh said...

Poor you. Hope you're feeling better soon chicken. I recently discovered I can knit in the dark, but only stocking stitch. Darkness makes you enjoy your other senses so much more.

Mandy said...

Oh... to scary for me. I watched Nightmare on Elm Street at a very impressionable age, and bathing in the dark (and showering by extension) are a little more than I can usually handle. :)

I really hope your eye feels better soon!

Mandy said...

I meant, too scary. Humph. Yes, I can spell. :)

Leigh said...

I don't mind the shower or bath, but HAVE to turn the light on for the toilet. Hmmm ...