Monday, May 08, 2006

from the top down

I'm alive. I work. I knit. I still haven't cleaned my home. The sun has been shining like it does in the Caribbean right here in our northern corner of the world for several days now, and nobody dares jinx it by saying "I'm too hot". Then it might stop, and we kind of have to love it here.
I still lack inspiration to write something... well, inspired, but I can at least tell you about me being alive, me working and knitting and how the sun is shining on Sweden i May.
And this is what I'm knitting: My first top down raglan. It's going to be the most beautiful sweater in the world. Because I say it will. And oh, it's not this blurry up close. And neither am I. For real.

And I hope all you knitters out there are with me on June 10.
It's Knit In Public Day, and you'll find me in the sun somewhere knitting and purling proudly in front of everybody!


jodi said...

Hey hon, I wanted to drop in and say "hi", since I've been sucked into the vortex of end-of-semester grad school hell and haven't been taking the extra few seconds to comment of late. I'd love to hear more about the Glasgow trip when you've got the time. And I wanted to tell you I love the new profile pic; very sexy!

Mandy said...

I can't wait to see where this sweater goes Lisa! I'm glad you're doing all right and enjoying the sun, even if you're not in a blogging mode lately. Have I mentioned enough times that I love your current hairstyle? :)