Friday, May 12, 2006

just a few

... things I'd like to tell you about. I wish I had more words to describe it all, but I seem to have run out of words lately. (To those of you who have actually met me, you know what a disturbing picture that is - Lisa without words - as if! She's a chatterbox... usually) Anyway:
1. You shouldn't try and give people compliments when you're drunk. The guy on the bus was highly intoxicated and referred to me (in Swedish) as "one helluva woman, at least breastwise". I was in a bad mood and felt like punching him, but thinking of it now I realize it's kind of funny somehow.
2. The world's cutest kid can not stand still. I saw a choir of about 50 six-year-olds today. One boy in the front couldn't help dancing to every song they sang. He was on stage! "Look at me!" I actually cried with happiness watching him.
3. I love my job, but I'm damn tired right now.
4. I made a boogabag. It's beautiful and I'll show it off soon.
5. When in doubt - smile. You might get one back that will save your day.

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