Sunday, June 04, 2006

light of life

Yesterday I had a wonderful evening on my balcony with my lovely friend S, with coffee, my waterpipe and conversation. Truthfully I did most of the talking. As usual, I guess, but in my defense I have been craving human contact for some time now.

Today my eye is watering, but hey, I opened my blinds! First time in over two weeks. Daylight and my life is coming back into my livingroom. Two knitting friends are coming over today and I can't wait to feel like I'm in the loop again.

Knitting, talking to friends, reading (I haven't picked up a book in two weeks!) and living! In your face (actually in my face) stupid watering eye!


spencer said...

your eyes are too beautiful to be denied teh light of day!

Cirkux said...

Wahey, eyes open and the world before you!