Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm back

I'm getting better. It's still one eye drop an hour, but I get to do it to myself, by myself at home.

I spent three nights in a hospital bed. Every hour, around the clock, shuffling feet came sneaking into my room, then somebody turned a light on and put a drop of Isopto Maxidex in my left eye.

I had an aggressive version of irit, which is an inflammation of the iris. My kind made me blind on my left eye, but I saw white instead of darkness. There was a milky white membrane of illness in between the different lenses and layers that constitutes the eye. And the pupil got stuck in the inflammation, and that is painful if you didn’t know.

However, there are qualities about a stay at the hospital that needs to be recognized. I got to lay down and relax without feeling even a shred of guilt about not doing something else. My stressed out self really valued this time out in my life.
People showed up and told me they care. I know I havce some fantastic friends, but having them come to the hospital still was a very sentimental treat.

On a completely other note there is a warning to be issued:

On June 9, the soccer world championships will commence. I will then turn into soccer freak Lisa, a Lisa not many of you know. I already have all the game dates written down. A .pdf of the schedule is saved on my desktop. I have translated it into an excel document to tally scores and calculate and do prognoseses (Plural how?) on how Sweden would get through with the best possible line up of opposing teams...
I warn you now, because I will not be accountable for the rambling sports fool I will become during these glorious soccer summer weeks of 2006...


Stella said...

Hi Lisa! I just started reading your blog. I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Take care of yourself.

Zee said...

So glad you are feeling better.

Soccer freak Lisa, eh? ;)

Cirkux said...

But for the love of god can someone please explain the attraction of sports? "Yay, some guy actually ran 0.002 seconds faster than some other guy" :P