Saturday, June 10, 2006


The World Wide Knit In Public Day Knit-nic was a great success! Enthusiastic knitters gathered on a lawn today, knitting in the sun, smiling at people passing by who nosily wondered what all this yarn was doing in their park... Everything was sunny and wonderful, except the fact that I had to wear a baseball cap. I hate baseball caps. I look ridiculous in baseball caps. But it's even more ridiculous to not wear a cap because you look silly even if you're crying your left eye out because of the light, so I chose to be a grown-up about it and wore the stupid hat. Except for when I posed for this photo:

Yes! I got to show off my finished Top Down Free Style Raglan! Isn't it GREAT? I totally love it and I actually think it is the best sweater ever. At least knitted and on me. Best ever. I promise! It's because of my evil eye that I squint like that and wear glasses, but with this sweater on, I still manage to look totally cute! (Thanks Mia for taking the picture for me.)

Yes, my left eye is still very sensitive to light, but I am doing much better. I can knit, which is a huge improvement from my audiobooks-as-only-hobby-state of illness.

After todays' knit-nic in the park, two wonderful knitters followed me home to watch Sweden's first game in the soccer world championships. Trinidad & Tobago fought well, but damn the Swedes were... lazy almost. Nothing to nothing is a very disappointing opening to these championships. But hey, I brought out my Tubey for it! It's been a while since I even touched it because I'm not sure it's becoming what I wanted it to be... But I'll give it another chance.

And, I have a new bookshelf. I'm trying to write something poetic about bookshelves and my love of books, so I won't say too much about it yet, but it turned out great. I love my wall of me. Come to my house and browse through my bookshelf and you'll get to know a lot about me. That is for sure...

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Mandy said...

What a great sweater, Lisa! It's very Witchy. I can see that being something you will wear forever and ever in many different ways. Hmmm, elbow-length wide sleeves, hm....

I'm so glad you eye is doing better. :)