Tuesday, April 11, 2006

flash my stash

I bought even more yarn this past weekend, so I took the opportunity to arrange a flash-my-stash-photo-shoot while rearranging my precioussssssses. Here they are:

1. Tindra furry red stuff 75g (I used half a skein to make a barbapapa who still needs eyes. This is weird yarn.)
2. Regia 100g (Might be gauntlets. Might be the first pair of knitted socks. Ever. )
3. Alpaca Garnstudio 150g petrol blue, 50 g black (Two blue skeins are missing in this picture. They will become a matching set of toque and shawl.)
4. indiecita laceweight alpaca a full cone(shawls... shawls... )
5. Araucania Nature Wool 250 g green (Gift from Mandy that already became gloves and a toque. I LOVE this yarn. I need more green stuff.)
6. indiecita alpaca 50g each of turquoise and black (The best kind of stash yarn. I love it but I don't know what to make... yet. Possibility yarn.)
7. Karisma and Alpaca from Garnstudio beige (These two are becoming my Tubey. Refill necessary.)
8. Hedängen thin wool 100g each of four colors. (One skein missing in photo. And: Can someone teach me the differences in yarn weight in English? 4ply, 2ply, DK... I know what some are, hence what others aren't, but I don't know what this one is)
9. colinette tagliatelle 100g (It is SO gorgeous but what wil it be? Any ideas?)
10. Araucania Nature Wool 200g brown (A capelet possibly. I just needed more of this quality really.)
11. Paris Garnstudio 50 g (It only became a very unfortunate swatch)
12. Marks och Katten sock yarn 200g brown (It was on sale. It's brown, soft and stretchy. I just fell in love.)
13. DoRedo 210g total in two colors (a present to be)
14. Classic Cashsoft 4ply 100g (From Rowan. I'm making swatches for my first own design in this soon. If it turns out well I'll need more.)
15. Estonian wool 250g blue brown terracotta... (Meant for a present, but it depends on how it turns out if that is the fate of this beauty.)
16. red ombré 100 g (Luscious. Delicious. What will it be?)
17. Hjerte sock yarn 50g (Another sudden love that followed me home for no apparent reason.)
18. Rowan Kidsilk Haze 100g black and about 30g lavender (I see lace in my future.)
19. orange-yellow lace weight alpaca 50 g (another gift from Mandy. These are not my colors, but it's the softest thing ever! Undecided on how I'll make this touch skin more frequently. I'm thinking shawl again.)
20. svarta fårets (black sheep) thin wool 200g (I mean to learn how to make a top down raglan with this. I need more though.)
21. koigu 50 g green (Also a gift. To luscious to be used carelessly. I need a plan - A good plan - for this.)
22. yarn from fur sheep 200g green from Östergötlands Ullspinneri (Many shawls can be made. Sooooo shiny.)
23. Visjögarn (more wool) olive 300 g (A shrug to be.)

...and there is one skein of white mohair without a number lying there to the left. And I didn't take a picture of all my leftovers. No. But I thought I ought to do this while I have the chance to present my full stash in one shot. If it grows this fast in the future too, I have to redecorate my apartment. Considering I've only knitted for nine months I must say I'm becoming a yarn nerd with frightening speed. Wool fetishist. Alpacka lover. You name it.

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Super Bowl Slim said...

Regarding the Tindra - when you mention that you made a barbapapa, do you mean one of the characters from the old kids' show? Because if so, that's awesome and I'm totally jealous! All '80s children want their own barbapapa!