Wednesday, April 12, 2006

love and hate

Okay I admit I stole it. From here. But I just had to have one for myself so I brought out a brush and some paint and created a genuine copy (Though I flipped it). This is the coolest thing isn't it?
This is how it looks in my closet and on me when you meet me:

And this is how it looks in the mirror:

A loving front with a hint of a dark side... Yes, that's me!


Mandy said...

That's pretty fricking awesome. It's a great photo of you too, even if it's out of focus. :)

Rachel T said...

That shirt is awesome!!!

Dani said...

The t-shirt is neat, and Mandy is right -- that is a great photo of you.

Leigh said...

Ohhhhhhh ... that's cool.