Tuesday, April 04, 2006

knitting trip

I had my bag packed for a knitting trip this Saturday.

UllaKarin and Börje who own Östergötlands Ullspinneri greeted us when we got there. Börje is standing by one of the looms. They make wool as well as felt, blankets and fabrics...

The coolest machines EVER. These are both details from the huge carding comb machines.

You don't see a Spinning Jenny in action every day.

They make luscious, delicious, wonderful yarn here...

But they also weave fabrics to make felt. Blankets. Beautiful. From wool to blankets... The machinery is old. Many things are made by hand, but in this little barn they make wool become the most gorgeous things. Really.

And they have a shop. We went nuts! And this is the pile I went home with:

There is lime/oliv wool that will become a shrug, there is lace weight yarn from FUR sheep (soooo shiny) and 100 grams of the red ombré that I gave Mandy for christmas. It was still haunting me so I had to have some. The blue and grey is a thicker wool that I think I'll make a present out of.

Did I mention the surroundings being magical? They have sheep made out of radiators too. They're genious. And those oak trees would make Tim Burton do a cartwheel!
Are you jealous? You really, really should be.


Mandy said...

Well, I know I'm jealous. :)

Thea said...

I love those radiator sheep! Wish they had 'em here in Massachusetts....