Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I react badly to stress.

I end up sitting on my couch feeling bad about what I'm not doing rather than doing them. And now that I've discovered knitting I do that for an excuse. This is my favorite today: "I can't pay my bills for another ten minutes. I'm knitting".
Plus, as I said in the last entry - I don't sleep well when stressed. However that has been cured, but only temporarily, and since the cure has been pure exhaustion I don't think it will last. Yawn.

By the way, all the hyperlinks of this blog are now deliciously chocolate brown.

(No... I said chocolate... No! Chocolate and delicious not... no! Eww... It's chocolate color alright?! Not... anything else.)


Saddy Dumpington said...

You're still hot when you're stressed. :)

Dani said...

I'm with you, Lisa. I have been slowly shutting down this week. All I want to do is sleep and eat A LOT. Here in the States we have a three-day weekend coming up and I am SO looking forward to it.