Saturday, August 20, 2005

show and tell

Okay it's time. I can't hold it in anymore. I'm so proud I'm bursting! But I'm not done yet, so all you get are sneak peeks. Here:

I am knitting!
It's my first knitting project since the mandatory baby hat we knitted in school and it's made from pure determination. "I can do this" is my mantra, and I'm even following a pattern to make a beautiful feather pattern in this huge shawl / blanket I'm making. If any of my friends is having a baby soon they'll get the most beautiful stroller blanket ever... The problem is - I love the pattern, I love the colors, but I don't really wear striped things, and I think I have to add a full skein to get to the length I want it to be - more blanket sized. One of my favorite things to do is to curl up on my couch in my favorite big cardigan with a cup of tea and a good book when the rain is pouring outside, but with this thing I think my cardi will get competition for my attention come November... I don't really care that it's a bit strange and striped. It's mine and I made it! The first project is supposed to be bit weird, knotty and crazy right?
Hey, experienced knitters out there! Tell me about your first projects!

Furthermore I just have to show you my earrings! I so love them, and working in the design museum - what can be more appropriate than having chairs in your ears?

Very cute huh?


Dani said...

I can't believe you are knitting a feather shawl as your first project! Do you have a more experienced knitter holding your hand? Some of the people I've taught to knit have picked rather daunting first projects, but they had me to walk them through each step. I can't imagine doing a feather shawl on my own. You go, girl!

Count Longardeaux said...

It's beautiful, like anything else you touch. and Here's hoping that we can the competition between your cardigan and the shawl even wider.

so wonderful,
like you.

Mandy said...

That shawl looks fantastic, Lisa! Is it in Kureyon? Feel like showing off more? I'd love to see more photos... :)

First projects, huh? When I decided to learn to knit, I tried the usual approach of making a scarf. It was eventful, I chose the wrong needles for the yarn (I had no idea how to choose needles for yarn!) and didn't know much about making a scarf, so in the end it is not something I use, though I am still proud of it. I even removed the section with all the mistakes when I was done, picked up the live stitches and knit back in the other direction so it would look good. :)

Your earrings are lovely, so charming. I am eagerly anticipating my next clue, I'll tell you when it arrives... ;)

indigirl said...

Ditto to what Mandy said... it's gorgeous and sure looks like Kureyon, but that could be my Noro-addicted self talking.

My first project. Hmm. I think it was your basic garter stitch dishcloth. I don't think I even have it any more. Second project was an ill-conceived tank from a Family Circle Easy Knitting project. *shudder* I need to block those memories!

Cirkux said...

Great earrings! Och så är du en hejare på att sticka, det ser ju en och var. Sötsnut.