Monday, August 22, 2005

dog and a blanket

It's done. Every loose end weaved in, every mistake in the pattern cursed and then accepted, pride flowing. If Pride indeed is a deadly sin I am now going to hell when I die. Uhm...As if I hadn't already committed a few of the others! That gluttony is tough to avoid... and lust... well I'll blame Canada for that one at t he moment.
Anyway, back to the subject: Tadaa!

Horrible pictures, but you can at least see why I call it a blanket rather than a shawl. It's square, it's huge, it's very blankety. And here's one that totally fell in love with it:

But... Lisa doesn't have a dog you say, and right you are. He isn't mine unfortunately, but fortunately I was asked to dogsit today. His name is Veijo and he's sleeping on my feet as I type. I really need a dog of my own in my life one day. I'm Loving this! I'll be sad to hand this affectionate little guy back tonight...

And by the way, I'm already attacking a second knitting project. This time a really tiny one, but I'm planning on advancing to clothes soon. Soon. Ok, a few more shots just for the pride of it:

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