Sunday, August 07, 2005

typing skills

I need to write something light weight.

I want to write about my seven year old cousin who came to visit for a week after Spencer had left. I want to write about my mum's birthday party yesterday (I did - in Swedish). But I lack the energy. Maybe soon. I'm still recovering from the Spencer Experience so this next entry has to be yet another stolen questionnaire. I do think the typing skills test towards the end is a helluva lot of fun though...

Here we go:


wearing: grey boat necked sweater over a green tank top and black pants. Black underwear.
makeup: mascara, concealer (I need to hide the King of Zits on my forehead) and some purple eyeshadow.
hairstyle: Flat and greasy. In need of cutting. Blonde.
accessories: bracelet I did myself, grandma’s diamond ring, chair-shaped earrings and necklace with a pendant I made.
coat: Coat? Jacket? Well, my black plastic-looks-like-leather-one is good for this weird rainy summer
shoes: Today I wore a pair of old sneakers. I rarely do that, but my heel hurt.
reading: I just finished ”The Rule of Four” – weird book.
to buy: I need a lot. I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow. I need milk, yogurt, bread and lots of other essentials.
want: Spencer
worries: Future, money, future, money, future, money...
most beautiful: Spencer, my mum happy in the middle of her party (though that was yesterday)
song: I heard Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang bang” today and fell in love with it all over again
event: guided a tour at the museum this afternoon. I have the best job!
mood: uhm... up... and down... and tired… and longing… and fine
statement: I’m going to Canada for Christmas and new years.

other stuff

What did you do last summer? I don’t even remember... I worked on my thesis, met Spencer online and saw my friends a lot.
Do you use foul language? Less than most, but yes damnit, when called for then fuck yeah. (Swedish curses sound much angrier though: Jävla helvetes fan!)
When did you shower last? Very, very early this morning at my mum’s in Stockholm
What color are your pants? I told you already. Black alright! Jeesh...
What color are your underwear? Black, black, black. Black lace boxers (yes, they’re hot!) and a black lace bra. What’s with the craving for details here huh?? Drool, why don’t you?
What song is playing at the moment? No music on. The TV is talking in the background though. I have no idea what’s on and should turn it off.
What was the last thing you said out loud? “Ha så kul!” (Have fun!) to my friend Joachim when he walked out the door a couple of hours ago. He’s at this concert.
What is next to you right now? A wardrobe.
What does your desk look like? It’s crammed into a corner between wardrobes. I’m currently using a borrowed laptop, but my desk is just as cluttered, if not worse, as always.
What was the last thing you ate? Instant soup. I told you I’m going shopping tomorrow.
With whom do you want to spend the rest of your life? If it works out: Spencer.
Do you own one of those freaky lava lamps? No, thank God!
What’s the weather like? Dark. Cloudy. But with some pink light left over the horizon.
What did you do last night? I celebrated my mother six months late at a party in Stockholm. She turned 60 in February, but didn’t have the party until yesterday. It was lovely.
Who did you talk to on the phone last? Mum, I think... ”Yes, I got home ok”
What makes you happy? My friends, Spencer and my job at the museum
Where would you go? I don’t understand the question, but I’m pretty sure the answer is Canada.
Do you want to have kids? Yes, but not too many.
Baby names? Boy: Amandus (my great grandfather) Girl: Engla (my great grandmother)

typing skills

In one try, type your name with:

: Lisa
chin: lixzz
one finger with eyes closed: lusa
cheek: …mk 0 vc (I have round, soft cheeks)
elbow: lisa (yay!)
lips: lisas
palm: lisxzs
back of hand: l9 wsxazz
nose: lisa

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Sophia said...

Hey sweetie-pie Lisa!
I think it's so much fun to read this kind-of lists, so I stole it to write about in my own blog.

But anyway, I miss you and hope I can come visit soon! Lots of love from Estocolmo!