Tuesday, August 23, 2005

he mends Boy George's broken heart

Download.com has a description of my new favorite band: Antony & the Johnsons. It's such a good description I had to share it with you guys as well as encourage you to get some of their music. It's lovely. Download.com only has one song though... That sucks. Something Antony & the Johnsons on the other hand, do not.
And hey, Mandy, they play in Vancouver on September 15! Can you go in my place and tell me how wonderful it was please? Or just go! I know I would.

"Antony's goose-bump-inducing voice possesses such emotional weight that only the most hardened can resist. His minimally arranged, space-cabaret blues transports the listener to a smoky, surreal piano bar frequented by androgynous romantics--the place Lou Reed and Boy George go to nurse broken hearts. In a word: breathtaking."

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Rachael said...

Antony has been one of my faves for a while now - isn't he the BEST? And honey, your knitting is FABulous. Yay, you!