Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I think Albert Einstein was a fascinating man. Not only for being smart, but for having humour too. I was told this little anecdote about him a while ago, and I think about it sometimes when things seem dull and predictable:

Our dear Albert was an assisting professor at Zürich University for a short period of time (1909-1911). Here he held lectures and every Friday he handed out a written exam paper where the students got to discuss that week's topics from a number of given questions. One week he handed the exam paper as usually to a secretary to have it copied for the students. The secretary was on her way out the door with it when she turned around and pointed out to Albert Einstein that he must've made a mistake. "This is last week's exam, sir. They're the exact same questions as last week!"
Albert Einstein answered:

"Do not worry. I have changed the answers."

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