Sunday, September 18, 2005


Lots of movies this week! Or actually just two, and they happen to be just about the only time off I've had, or at least that's how it feels... But today I saw another movie you just have to see. Crash.

Although several of the people in the audience seemed to totally miss the point of the movie, for example by laughing at tragedy, I think few people left that theatre untouched. It is a very "Short Cuts" kind of story, where several people are bound to each other's stories by coincidence, but the message is quite different. This movie tells us about prejudice, stereotypes, coincidence and circumstance and moments that define a person. All the characters are portrayed from two sides, and you're shown how a good man can commit horrible deeds and how the wicked have hearts of gold. We're all the same. Only circumstance defines us. I have a lot to think about after having seen this film, and I think I'll see it again for more insights of what and who we are.


jodi said...

I don't watch tv or read magazines, so I'm thoroughly confused about this "crash". Wasn't there a film called crash several years ago (I think David Cronenberg may have been involved)? I didn't see it but I remember reading something about people getting off on having sex with their open wounds, or something (gross!). Is this a different movie? The same?

Dani said...

You are correct, Jodi. David Cronenberg did a movie in 1996 about people who have a car crash fetish. Lisa is referring to a totally different movie with the same name that was just released a few months ago.

BTW, Lisa, my husband HATED this movie. Now my husband will sit through practically anything, but he couldn't understand how this movie made it on to the screen. When he came home, he just kept shaking his head and muttering, "I can't believe I sat through that." I like to tease him by pointing out the positive reviews every time I run across them :-).