Saturday, September 24, 2005


I'm seeing the light in the tunnel of my lacey project. It's an adventure and I learn from my errors, and although my mistakes will show in the finished bolero (if you study it up close) I think I'll wear it with pride. I'll walk around town with an aura glowing with I made it!-energy.

Now, my next project will probably last me the better part of the next year. Yes, I'm going for Pilar.
I will use a yarn that's 100% alpaca, since they have a cheap and beautiful one at my favorite "dealer" - Drops Alpaca from Garnstudio. Now here's my problem: I don't know which color to choose! Here's a link to a color scheme of the yarn in question. I'm choosing between red (3900) and purple (3800 or 4400). I should also tell you that I'm working on a pair of glove type thingies in 3800 and 3900. Help! Tell me what you think! Another thought was to make it in black and not hide the button, but choose a decorative and colorful button to show like a jewel or broche... I need your opinions!


Jeez said...

Jag röstar på 3900, men jag förstår ditt dilemma. Alla tre är jättefina!

Anonymous said...

Jag röstar på 4400, den skulle jag ta - om jag kunde sticka... :)