Tuesday, September 13, 2005

it's a small world after all

Small World Disney
It's been days, but I finally got to tell Mandy her compliment yesterday, and now it's time to tell the rest of you, though it will appear a funny anecdote to you guys. (You should suck it in and gloat though Mandy!)

So I found a favorite yarn store, and they organize knit-along cafés every two weeks and I attended my first yesterday evening. I'll get back to that. Since I don't want this story to come back and bite me, I'll leave out the names and specific circumstances. If this knitting world is this small, the designer in question will know it's about his/ her design in no time at all otherwise. This friday I showed my printed pattern for lacey from Knitty to a knitting related Swede. She asked if I was on the Gothenburg mailing list and I said that "no, I have another link to Knitty". I did not mention Mandy. (There is a huge mailing list for knit related news in this city. My new hobby is actually beginning to feel overwhelming, but still mostly inspiring!) This woman goes on telling me that she just discovered Knitty myself, but a friend of hers absolutely loves it. Especially since she's been blogging or emailing or whatever with this designer who apparently has had his/ her patterns in Knitty. These two exchanged patterns ones, and this friend tried the pattern out but was unable to read/ decipher it! Then, the same pattern appears on Knitty, and she's able to complete the project! The woman closes her story with "Their editor must really know what he/ she's doing!" This is where I tell her that I know the tech editor of Knitty.com... Small world huh?! And she confirms what I knew already: Mandy rocks! And she's now an international knitting celebrity as well!

Anyway, more knit related news today: Yes, I went to my first knit along café Monday night! I sat in a café with about 30 other knitters (!), both beginners like myself and real professionals! Damn I wanted to learn faster seeing their work! I almost got caught on camera too. See here. I'm the blond head to the right.
And also: I'm making progress! Look at this:

I still have a long way to go, and I'm learning as I go, but I'm pretty darn proud of it so far. Only one mistake visible, and I won't mind when the rest of it looks like a piece of clothing.

And just to add pressure: I hereby promise to blog about my job soon again. I'm having so much fun! And I will bring my camera and show you some pictures too! Soon.

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jodi said...

Yes, Mandy definitely rocks. I just got the mock-up of my Big Girl pattern to look over, and while comparing the edited version to the original one I wrote I realized that I don't have a clue how to make instructions simple to understand. Good thing I don't have to, because Mandy's there.

I just about peed with glee when you made the comment about Abba on my blog the other day, because the first time I saw the Lacey pattern on Knitty it made me think of Abba (in a good way!). It was the long, tight ribbed cuff with the poofy sleeve, I think.