Tuesday, September 27, 2005

proof of progress

Two weeks ago, I had just started with the first cuff.

Yesterday at the same café, I had come about as far on the second cuff - with all the lace done in between.

Today - I started the collar. (Thank you Lea for the photos!)

If only knitting was the only thing I did... I'm scared to say it, but I either work or knit. That's it. Since two weeks. I wonder if it's good for me? I doubt it. I'll try to slow down, in about three weeks. This particular week is truly insane. I've promised you a blog on what I do at work... Well, my company's webiste is up and running now, but unfortunately it's only written in Swedish so far, but be my guest to take a look! Here: www.inlevel.se
And I'll still write that post about what I do. But not now. Later.

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Dani said...

Go with the flow. You will eventually get to a point where knitting doesn't interest you and you will turn to something else for a while. Natural ebb and flow -- don't fight it :-).