Friday, September 09, 2005

more projects

Hah! Guess what arrived in the mail today? No guesses? Well ok, I'll tell you. This arrived:
a book
Yes, I bought a book of knitting patterns! And first thing from it I'll make after lacey has to be pilar. So as you can see, I'm officially hooked.

I bought yarn for lacey today too, just as I said I would. But I didn't end up with any lilac. I fell in love with a brown Vivaldi one instead. And I have realised from reading all these knitting blogs, that many of you know brand and quality of a yarn just by seeing some fuzz of it in a jpg-picture on the screen, but for the rest of you, and for my own recollection later, I'd like to point out that it was color no2 of the Vivaldi 43% mohair...

And since I've bragged to everyone I know about my new hobby, I've also stumbled on some wonderful knitting things happening here in Gothenburg, so Monday night I'm attending my first knit-along at Deisy Design, my newly found favorite yarn store. They're said to be great, and the coffee is supposed to be good.

Next time I blog I'll tell you more about some knit related events in my future that I'm very exited about, as well as a funny story involving a very special compliment for Mandy. Maybe I'll write her an email tomorrow with the whole story before I tell everyone else.

update: yeah, and one more thing. In my last entry I wrote about misunderstandings, and I fell right into one right away. The picture of the lilac yarn is not of "what I chose for the design" but a mere illustration of the color I had in mind. Stupid me. I went with brown instead anyway...

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jodi said...

Wow, you really like those brave, crazy shapes, eh? I don't know that I could ever pull off Pilar, I just don't exude the kind of self confidence needed. But it's a really cool sweater.

And the other is going to look lovely in brown.